Tom Phillips
Fife, Scotland
Ordered some of both style of bottles for my Sloe Gin and Sloe Whisky. Delivery and service was prompt and efficient. I gave them to work colleagues as a small Christmas gift - and everyone said how good they looked. Many thanks.

Henley on Thames
Lainey, thank you so, so much. Should anyone I know ever be in the market for miniature bottles....I'll send them in your direction for sure! Fantastic service, thanks.

Pauline Scott
Dear Lainey Thanks very much for the labels. Received safely. They are brilliant - the quality is really good and my son and his fiancee are very pleased with the them. Lets hope we can get the bottles filled without getting drunk! Thanks for your help and fantastic service - I have recommended you to my son-in-law whose brother is getting married and I think they have ordered from you as well. I will certainly recommend you to anyone else looking for minatures. Thanks again

Ref : MGB219

Ref : MGB196

Ref : MGB123

Ref : MGB55

Ref : MGB146

Ref : MGB246

Ref : MGB275

Ref : MGB103

Ref : MGB128

Ref : MGB225

Ref : MGB141

Ref : MGB198

Ref : MGB238

Ref : MGB84

Ref : MGB15

Ref : MGB169

Ref : MGB138

Ref : MGB252

Ref : MGB210

Ref : MGB34

Ref : MGB127

Ref : MGB40

Ref : MGB74

Ref : MGB42

Ref : MGB247

Ref : MGB140

Ref : MGB193

Ref : MGB153

Ref : MGB147

Ref : MGB38

Ref : MGB228

Ref : MGB163

Ref : MGB97

Ref : MGB71

Ref : MGB221

Ref : MGB81

Ref : MGB58

Ref : MGB61

Ref : MGB248

Ref : MGB260

Ref : MGB177

Ref : MGB217

Ref : MGB90

Ref : MGB104

Ref : MGB33

Ref : MGB29

Ref : MGB86

Ref : MGB201

Ref : MGB102

Ref : MGB230

Ref : MGB122

Ref : MGB87

Ref : MGB142

Ref : MGB152

Ref : MGB105

Ref : MGB211

Ref : MGB243

Ref : MGB117

Ref : MGB119

Ref : MGB43

Ref : MGB170

Ref : MGB160

Ref : MGB259

Ref : MGB92

Ref : MGB203

Ref : MGB242

Ref : MGB241

Ref : MGB263

Ref : MGB131

Ref : MGB56

Ref : MGB213

Ref : MGB63

Ref : MGB190

Ref : MGB162